Without a Doubt, The Worst Pirate I've Ever Seen?

Am I the only one totally underwhelmed with the prospect of this new Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Johnny Depp’s Keith Richards impression was hilarious the first time out, but the second movie just wasn’t great. Pirates are cool without adding organ-playing, computer-generated sea monsters. (Of course, it netted like a billion dollars in ticket sales, so what do I know?) Someone seriously needs to remake Captain Blood. Now that’s a real pirate movie.

At World’s End will have Chow Yun-Fat, though, and Geoffry Rush is coming back, thank God (I didn’t realize he was the best part of the first movie until he showed up at the end of that boring Dead Man’s Chest). So maybe I’ll hand my 8 bucks over to Disney, after all…

0 thoughts on “Without a Doubt, The Worst Pirate I've Ever Seen?

  1. It’s not really a question of being underwhelmed or overwhelmed. They spent a shitload of money on that movie, it’s a cultural phenomenon or something, and WE MUST SEE IT– even if it objectively sucks. At this point, I think we’re just “whelmed.” And Johnny Depp is hot.


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