So, this week the movie studios are rolling out Live Free or Die Hard. It seems that no one is really sure what to make of a bald John McClane crashing a car into a helicopter (sans Alan Rickman or Jeremy Irons-caliber actor as nemesis), but this summer’s blockbusters have been so damn boring so far, everyone and their mother’s weighing in on the subject. And so, for your consideration, a roundup of links to Die Hard-related stuff.

  • Slate‘s tribute to/exegesis of the movie’s iconic one-liner (which, let’s face it, is pretty awesome), with discussion of other action-movie one-liners.
  • The Guardian displays dismay at the mind-boggling amount of damage to infrastructure (really not awesome) wrought by John McClane.
  • And finally, a YouTube tribute to the man, the myth, the catchphrase:

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