It all started back in 1969 when some campus renegades decided that news coverage on campus was all too biased. Big things were happening on campus – the famous student takeover of University Hall, anti-war demonstrations through the Yard – and the Crimson didn’t have anything interesting to say about it.  Where could intelligent students turn for the real story behind the protests, the violence, the excitement?

To the Independent of course. Since we were born amid the turmoil of the ’60s, our mission has been to report the news fairly, accurately, and with insight that no one else can provide. As a weekly paper, we have time to examine the issues from every side, to take a new perspective on current events, to add a creative flair to our pieces. We have time to polish our thoughts and our writing, to illustrate our words by hand, to find stories that no one else has. As a weekly paper, we have the opportunity to give our readers something different, and something newsworthy. It’s a perspective a daily just can’t take.

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