Something Good from Something Bad

How the U.S.A. won the Women’s World Cup By PEYTON FINE             Here is a quick little multiple choice question for all of you who watched the U.S. women’s soccer team become world champions last week: why did the U.S. win? The pure brilliance of Carli Lloyd The inspiring leadership of Abby Wambach The suspension of two U.S. midfield players due to yellow card accumulation The answer, in my opinion, is all of the above. The reasoning behind the first two choices is obvious. During the finals, Carli Lloyd recorded the fastest hat trick in World Cup history, and Abby … Continue reading Something Good from Something Bad

Unheard Voices

The seemingly silent restructuring of the BSC.  By SHAQUILLA HARRIGAN Over the last several years, the College has made several major decisions without consulting the same undergraduate community that the decision impacts. Need I remind anyone about the Stillman Infirmary closing debacle? One would think that after so much student blowback and activism on campus, the College and other Harvard officials wouldn’t continue making major decisions from within their brick offices that are apparently sound-proofed to ignore student voices. One would think that the College would do more than send an email to all undergraduates stating that the Bureau of … Continue reading Unheard Voices

Ship Love: on the (nearly lethal) comforts of a Silicon Valley internship

BY WILLY XIAO Inspired by David Foster Wallace’s “Shipping Out“ I have now seen a bright blue sky capped over an arid rooftop garden. Riding between buildings in a Disneyland-like tram, I have wafted through the salty breeze coasting in from the edges of a tidal mud flat. I have taken … Continue reading Ship Love: on the (nearly lethal) comforts of a Silicon Valley internship