Battle of the Hamlets

BY SALLY YI One Hamlet to rule them all. My boyfriend was in town, and knowing that he is a big fan of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, I knew I had to take him to the Hyperion Shakespeare Company’s performance of Hamlet Saturday night. We were on a double date with Dean Khurana and his wife, Stephanie, if you count sitting on opposite sides of the same section to be intimate enough that it constitutes a double date (in my mind it does). I had no idea what was going to happen during the show, which I understood was going to be a completely different … Continue reading Battle of the Hamlets

American Document Solutions

BY MICHAEL LUO Short Fiction. (continued from our “Unconstrained” issue on 4/9/15) The fact that I had given up a year of collegiate social drinking for minimum-wage mind numbing was something I tried hard not to think about. My dad, the same guy who sent me potato chips for Christmas, said a gap year was a good way to build character. But his hobbies had recently transitioned from lifelong binge drinking to an extended overnight stay at Plainfield Correctional Facility, so I felt every right to think differently. School had been such an intense atmosphere that I had to quit … Continue reading American Document Solutions

American Document Solutions

BY MICHAEL LUO Short Fiction. There were only five of us, and since I was the youngest by a decade, I did most of the scanning. We all sat in one family cubicle. Our supervisor couldn’t afford those stale, plastic dividers. We didn’t have fake walls to separate us. We did it anyway with our silence. My desk was next to Ali’s and Tory’s in classic Tetris formation. They were two ladies in their late twenties, one recently married, and one silently jealous but verbally excited for the other. Ali’s favorite band was Alice in Chains, so I had this … Continue reading American Document Solutions

The Woods

BY MICHAEL LUO A sibling I always wanted. RJ and I tried to stay warm underneath the tarp we tried to build. It wasn’t the greatest architectural achievement of the twenty-fourth century, sure, but no one could blame us for trying. Except God. She must’ve thought it was funny to have a downpour on a couple of stranded orphans in the middle of a forest. He lied curled up on the log, that sketch neatly tucked into his chest. For all the trouble he had gotten us into, I was impressed he could still keep a used napkin so tidy. … Continue reading The Woods

Desert for Dinner

BY MICHAEL LUO Short Fiction: A sandy alternative to sweetness. “Did you get it?” “I think I got something.” “You probably missed.” “We’ll see about that.” RJ wanted to come, but I told him to stay. Then I forgot he was my brother and not my dog, so he came along anyway. For all the rational thinking we could’ve done, rationing our food was not one of them. Now, we were dependent on ourselves to hunt. Thankfully, those archery lessons in War Corps. were worth something, if naught for all the cute boys I never impressed. We approached our prey … Continue reading Desert for Dinner

Get Artsy

BY SHAQUILLA HARRIGAN Harvard’s art scene is fashionably dramatic this week.   Iolanthe; or, the Peer and the Peri| Agassiz Theatre The Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert & Sullivan Players bring audiences another classic from the Victorian musical theatre duo W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan in the show Iolanthe. Director Chiemeka Ezie ’15 and his cast share a story about the love between a half-fairy man and his mortal fiancée. The lovers must overcome the antics of fairies and the House of Peers to come together. Unlike other G&S shows, this one more directly takes comedic aim at British parliament. This musical is … Continue reading Get Artsy


BY CAROLINE CRONIN Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company’s Spring Show. Dance is meant to move you, body and soul. Some kinds of dance have you itching to jump out of your seat and bust a move no matter who is watching or where you are. That dance is a celebration of life and happiness that can strike it without a moment’s notice if the song is compelling and your heart is open. I have always considered myself prey to this form of movement. Not being a serious dancer myself (my closet mirror might disagree), I imagine that song and words speak … Continue reading {Excerpts}

Hood Politics

BY HANNAH KATES A Review of Kendrick Lamar’s Newest Album. To Pimp a Butterfly is good, to say the least. So good that it prompted an all-caps tweet from Taylor Swift. So good that “i”, its fifteenth track, won two Grammy awards before the rest of the album was even released. So good that many listeners couldn’t handle the pressure and had to listen to this complicated album many times before stating their opinions on it. It’s impossible to define what this album is, really, but we can begin to define what it’s not. It’s syncopated, it’s difficult, and it’s … Continue reading Hood Politics