Unheard Voices

The seemingly silent restructuring of the BSC.  By SHAQUILLA HARRIGAN Over the last several years, the College has made several major decisions without consulting the same undergraduate community that the decision impacts. Need I remind anyone about the Stillman Infirmary closing debacle? One would think that after so much student blowback and activism on campus, the College and other Harvard officials wouldn’t continue making major decisions from within their brick offices that are apparently sound-proofed to ignore student voices. One would think that the College would do more than send an email to all undergraduates stating that the Bureau of … Continue reading Unheard Voices

A Level Playing Ground

BY ADITYA AGRAWAL The Indy scopes out a new pre-orientation program for freshmen The Harvard Undergraduate Council announced a new ‘Harvard Project’ grant initiative that would award $3000 to a student-led project that proposes a solution to a campus problem. The Indy caught up with Savannah Fritz ‘17 who is one of the three finalists for the grant. Fritz has proposed the creation of the Freshman Enrichment Program, a pre-orientation program geared specifically towards incoming freshmen from under-resourced high schools. Both Yale and Princeton have already established versions of such a program on their respective campuses. The program seeks to … Continue reading A Level Playing Ground

Dissecting Biphobia: Myths & Facts

BY W. POWELL EDDINS Why we need to revisit modern conceptions of sexual orientation. I guarantee every single person reading this article knows some femme queen gay man that was “bisexual” when he first came out, and then later admitted he was lying and ended up coming out as gay like everyone expected him to. When I decided to come out, I was very aware of this stereotype, so I decided to skip the charade and come right out as gay. And at the time, I definitely felt gay. I felt stuck in some sort of awful torturous sexuality from … Continue reading Dissecting Biphobia: Myths & Facts

On the Heels of Change

BY HUNTER RICHARDS Genderqueer activist Jacob Tobia speaks at Harvard.  Genderqueer activist and binary non-conforming Jacob Tobia spoke on the current state of genderqueer identities and their place within current LGBTQ communities and movements on April 4, 2015. Tobia’s talk, “On the Heels of Change,” addressed the issues faced when identifying outside the gender binary and discussed, as Tobia said, “How I came to understand my own gender identity and come to live it, love it, and work it.” Tobia reflected on how their experiments with gender and learning that there are more gender options to choose from have shaped … Continue reading On the Heels of Change

Not Even Regina George Would

A Response to calling people out over email. Early this past Sunday morning at 2:26 AM, March 1st, the email that has had all of Harvard talking for the last few days was received over an underground mailing list. The message was short and simple. Subject Line: “Dear Ten man” Body: “Thought that was a party suite? EOM”  Yes, that was the entirety of the original email. Shots were fired. Shade was cast. For those unfamiliar with the story, a student decided to publicly complain about the lack of parties hosted by a particular Harvard suite. There is an unspoken … Continue reading Not Even Regina George Would

Madlibs: Harvard Independent Edition

BY ELOISE LYNTON How to bond with your roommates in the cold. This cold winter weather means we’ve all been spending more time inside than usual, and that might mean that you’re getting a bit of cabin fever in your current living situation. At this point, you’ve lived with your current roommate for almost six months and it’s time to check in. Maybe its going great and you just want to rekindle the friendship fire, maybe you’ve just hit a few bumps in the road, or maybe you are undeniably incompatible and must resort to communication via paper and pen, … Continue reading Madlibs: Harvard Independent Edition

The Fourth Wave

Men, Femmephobia, & the Next Wave of Feminism.  I just got through one of the most difficult and dehumanizing weeks of my entire life. For around two years, eight dresses that I borrowed from my mother have hung idly in my closet. Beneath them lay two pairs of shoes, a pair of bright “flamingo” colored peep-toe heels and a pair of pale nude pumps (something a little more professional), both of which I purchased at the outlets in Mebane, North Carolina. To soothe the shock of the cashier, I assured her the purchases were for “my girlfriend.” The only time … Continue reading The Fourth Wave

A Letter To My Thesis

BY SHAQUILLA HARRIGAN Publicly fulfilling a concentration requirement. In the Social Studies department, all juniors are required to take a two-part thesis seminar that outlines the thesis writing process: how to get funding, how to find a thesis advisor, the deadline of our theses, etc. To ensure that we don’t all forget what Anya, our director of undergraduate studies, taught us, the department also requires junior Social Studies concentrators to write thesis journals. These journals are meant to help us keep track of our thesis thoughts and prove to the department that we are remembering to apply for funding and … Continue reading A Letter To My Thesis

More than Money

BY CHRIS RILEY Term-time jobs give insight into the human psyche. When I arrived on campus in August 2013, like many freshman, I decided to find a job on campus. Luckily, I knew someone who worked in Harvard Recreation and finagled my way into a position for which I was woefully unqualified: swiping cards at the front desk at the MAC and Hemenway. (I’m the one who is usually playing weird folk music). What I thought would be a just a way to make some money and pay for being a college student ended up also being one of my … Continue reading More than Money

Mental Health Services; A True Service?

Personal experiences with Harvard’s Mental Health Services. I remember the first time I used Harvard’s Mental Health Services. The fall had been a struggle, largely due to the punch process. Two of my best friends had used HUHS since freshmen year, and they suggested that I reach out. I was nervous, but figured it was worth a shot. I had never participated in any sort of therapy and was honestly terrified. Was a doctor going to simply give me drugs? Was I better off dealing with this on my own? How could I trust a stranger over my friends or … Continue reading Mental Health Services; A True Service?