Unheard Voices

BY SHAQUILLA HARRIGAN The seemingly silent restructuring of the BSC. Over the last several years, the College has made several major decisions without consulting the same undergraduate community that the decision impacts. Need I remind anyone about the Stillman Infirmary closing debacle? One would think that after so much student blowback and activism on campus, the College and other Harvard officials wouldn’t continue making major decisions from within their brick offices that are apparently sound-proofed to ignore student voices. One would think that the College would do more than send an email to all undergraduates stating that the Bureau of … Continue reading Unheard Voices

Israel and Palestine: A Plan Toward Negotiation?

BY ALBERT MURZAKHANOV Mohammad Shtayyeh speaks at Harvard Law. The Program of Negotiation at Harvard Law School hosted Mohammad Shtayyeh, Minister of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction, on March 25, 2015. Shtayyeh delivered a speech titled, “A Paradigm Shift for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations.” The talk came only one week after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected and focused on the ongoing negotiations from the Palestinian perspective. After briefly providing historical context for the conflict, Mohammad Shtayyeh switched to the present, stating “The Palestinian-Israeli relationship is very asymmetrical; Israelis did not want to negotiate but just wanted to … Continue reading Israel and Palestine: A Plan Toward Negotiation?

It’s a Dry, Dry Campus

BY RITCHEY HOWE Dartmouth College decides to ban hard alcohol. Dartmouth’s decision to ban hard alcohol on campus shocked me. Do they really believe that they can rid a college campus of hard alcohol? Imagine an animal house without, well, the true animal. The toga party would not have existed as portrayed on the screen. Admittedly, this school rule will never work at Harvard because, unlike Hanover, NH, Cambridge is an urban setting where it is far too easy for students to access hard liquor. Even at a rural school such as Dartmouth, kids will continue to stash hard alcohol … Continue reading It’s a Dry, Dry Campus

Presidential Love

BY SHAQUILLA HARRIGAN Ava & Dhruv share their vision for the UC. The bond between presidents and vice presidents can be tumultuous (please refer to Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr in your old AP U.S. History textbooks), but other times, they are quite harmonious. Ava Nasrollahzadeh ’16 and Dhruv Goyal ’16, the Undergraduate Council (UC) president and vice president, respectively, definitely fall into the latter category. The Harvard Independent got to sit down with Ava and Dhruv (more colloquially Avalava and Dhruvygroovy) to talk about their big UC initiatives for this year. Ava and Dhruv are well versed in the … Continue reading Presidential Love

An Algorithm for Love

HCS’ Datamatch helps Harvard Students Find Romance. Earlier this week, I received Datamatch 2015’s call to action. Seeing this email brought me back to freshman year when I first enlisted the help of Datamatch to find the love of my life, or at least my first date. My roommates and I sat in our common room and embarked on a quest for love that devolved into a quest for trolls and laughter. We decided to make things a little interesting by debating which one of us had the hottest top match. I won. After that little trip down memory lane, … Continue reading An Algorithm for Love

Who hosts Anti-Football Parties?

BY ADITYA AGRAWAL The Harvard Independent Profiles the Harvard Humanist Hub. A general wave of enthusiasm and anticipation greeted the Super Bowl this past Sunday; viewing parties across dorms and houses became the highlight of the day. Breaking this sacred circle of tradition, however, was an organization that few people at Harvard even knew existed: the Harvard Humanist Hub. It attracted much attention, as it did praise, censure and debate, with a dual Super Bowl and anti-Super Bowl party at its apartment Sunday evening. Housed at 45 JFK, the Humanist Hub has existed for over 40 years. The organization’s website … Continue reading Who hosts Anti-Football Parties?