'Do My Boobs Look Weird?'

A stream-of-conscious account of having sex.  What’s more deafening and mood killing than my roommate occasionally blasting the Game of Thrones soundtrack or “Ode to Joy” when I bring someone over? My own mind! It distracts me from fully enjoying the sex I’m currently having! Watching sex scenes in movies and television shows gave me a very unrealistic expectation of what sex would and could be like in college. Surprisingly, there was no fade to black montage of backs gracefully thrusting with Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” playing in the background. While I definitely wouldn’t call myself a sexual wizard, … Continue reading 'Do My Boobs Look Weird?'

Losing It

A lot less glamorous than Gossip Girl. I remember playing truth or dare in seventh grade at a quintessential middle school sleepover. Most of the dares involved calling boys we admitted to having crushes on during truth’s using *67, except for the one dare which forced me to eat cat food because I would rather do that than say the name of the first boy I had kissed (my friend admitted to me that he was gay quickly after the kiss). With the aftertaste of cat food in my mouth, I asked my friend Erin a loaded question for her … Continue reading Losing It

Get Wet

The Science of Squirting. Girls are generally thought to be confusing creatures.  But nothing seems more confounding than the female anatomy, especially with regards to sex. Unlike males, not all females can come during intercourse—why is that? Is the G-spot even a real thing? Can females, like males, ejaculate? Is female ejaculation the same as “squirting”? My most recent ex-boyfriend asked me if I could “squirt.”  “It would be so awesome if you did,” he said. “Um, not that I know of,” I replied, “but maybe that just means you need to try harder?” His question got me thinking—are all … Continue reading Get Wet

Shit Cosmo Should Say (But Doesn’t)

How to have great sex. To most females, Cosmopolitan magazine is a go-to publication for a giggle-inducing, girls-night-in. With a front cover that boasts 125 different ways to please your man, how could a girl not want to pick it up and learn a few tricks? But while Cosmo offers a myriad of sex tips for us eager women, most of the time, Cosmo is, quite honestly, full of shit when it comes to sex, especially great sex. Instead of telling us the most basic ways to have great sex, they detail 50 different ways to do it with whipped … Continue reading Shit Cosmo Should Say (But Doesn’t)

(Safe) Sex and the Single Woman

Or why my abstinent ass got an IUD. At 8:30 a.m. on a Friday morning early this month, I braced the cold to jump on the 47 bus to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Late, I huffed through the corridors and landed at the OB/GYN on the 8th floor. Minutes later I was weighed, measured, and naked with my feet in the stirrups and an uncomfortably air conditioned breeze wafting up my canal. An unreasonably handsome gynecologist entered the room and shook my hand before letting me know that I could probably put my legs together and down. We went … Continue reading (Safe) Sex and the Single Woman

Common Room Horrors

They aren’t uncommon. Sometimes I wonder how Harvard honestly expects two people to comfortably live within their ‘doubles.’ Even if you manage to not physically hit one another while dressing in the morning, the tight living conditions will assuredly make one consider living in the common room. What a lovely spacious room is the common room! I can see myself in the mirror as I pick out an outfit, I do not have to fear claustrophobia, and I can stretch my arms out without hitting a wall. While I was aware that I would have to deal with my roommates … Continue reading Common Room Horrors

Ode to the Delphic Basement

In this Ode I will describe how I banged a Chode It was not long but instead short But oh boy did it release a quart On my face his nectar splashed Before my eyes he gouch flashed In front of my mouth, his gargantuan balls hung With delicacy and grace they received my tongue The Dirty D lived up to its name his bush was nearly impossible to tame I fucked fucked and fucked some more The couch the bar and even the floor And alas I still want some more I guess I am the Delphic whore. Continue reading Ode to the Delphic Basement

Sitting Down With Sex Items

What do the banana and condom have to say. In honor of sex week, The Indy took the liberty of interviewing a pair that’s been around the block. (The sex block. As if we’d talk about any other kind.) I sat down in Boloco with a big, hot burrito and veteran sex-ed instructors Banana and Condom to get their take on all things awkward and latex. Lauren Covalucci: Thanks for meeting up! I’m curious: how did you get involved in sex education? Banana: Growing up I never saw myself in sex work. But when I started getting ripe I looked … Continue reading Sitting Down With Sex Items

Welcome to the 2008 Sex Issue!

Dear readers, Contrary to popular belief, Harvard is one scandalous place. The geeky girl across from you in the dining hall slips on a pink mesh thong every morning, and that steady thump you heard upstairs last night wasn’t just your entryway tutor tossing volume after volume of In Search of Lost Time on the floor. Oh wait — we’re thinking of BU (except for the Proust part). On campus, Sex and the Ivy fights True Love Revolution for the spotlight. Some of us are sexual lions, flaunting skin shamelessly around the Yard as soon as the sun comes out. Others are … Continue reading Welcome to the 2008 Sex Issue!