The Indy Blog is Here!

Introducing Our 2015 Summer Bloggers  The Indy is proud to present its 2015 Summer Bloggers. As usual, the Indy is here to provide you with witty insights, in-depth social commentary, and unique perspectives. Our summer bloggers are all over the world doing amazing things from traveling through Asia, to working at big-name tech companies. Check our blog every week to read about their adventures!   Willy Xiao Willy Xiao ’16 ( is an engineer with an attitude. As a summer tech intern, he commits most days to staring at a computer screen of function-definitions and hash-tables. Most of his writing comes as snake_case_variable_names, and … Continue reading The Indy Blog is Here!

'Do My Boobs Look Weird?'

A stream-of-conscious account of having sex.  What’s more deafening and mood killing than my roommate occasionally blasting the Game of Thrones soundtrack or “Ode to Joy” when I bring someone over? My own mind! It distracts me from fully enjoying the sex I’m currently having! Watching sex scenes in movies and television shows gave me a very unrealistic expectation of what sex would and could be like in college. Surprisingly, there was no fade to black montage of backs gracefully thrusting with Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” playing in the background. While I definitely wouldn’t call myself a sexual wizard, … Continue reading 'Do My Boobs Look Weird?'

Losing It

A lot less glamorous than Gossip Girl. I remember playing truth or dare in seventh grade at a quintessential middle school sleepover. Most of the dares involved calling boys we admitted to having crushes on during truth’s using *67, except for the one dare which forced me to eat cat food because I would rather do that than say the name of the first boy I had kissed (my friend admitted to me that he was gay quickly after the kiss). With the aftertaste of cat food in my mouth, I asked my friend Erin a loaded question for her … Continue reading Losing It

Get Wet

The Science of Squirting. Girls are generally thought to be confusing creatures.  But nothing seems more confounding than the female anatomy, especially with regards to sex. Unlike males, not all females can come during intercourse—why is that? Is the G-spot even a real thing? Can females, like males, ejaculate? Is female ejaculation the same as “squirting”? My most recent ex-boyfriend asked me if I could “squirt.”  “It would be so awesome if you did,” he said. “Um, not that I know of,” I replied, “but maybe that just means you need to try harder?” His question got me thinking—are all … Continue reading Get Wet

Battle of the Hamlets

BY SALLY YI One Hamlet to rule them all. My boyfriend was in town, and knowing that he is a big fan of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, I knew I had to take him to the Hyperion Shakespeare Company’s performance of Hamlet Saturday night. We were on a double date with Dean Khurana and his wife, Stephanie, if you count sitting on opposite sides of the same section to be intimate enough that it constitutes a double date (in my mind it does). I had no idea what was going to happen during the show, which I understood was going to be a completely different … Continue reading Battle of the Hamlets

American Document Solutions

BY MICHAEL LUO Short Fiction. (continued from our “Unconstrained” issue on 4/9/15) The fact that I had given up a year of collegiate social drinking for minimum-wage mind numbing was something I tried hard not to think about. My dad, the same guy who sent me potato chips for Christmas, said a gap year was a good way to build character. But his hobbies had recently transitioned from lifelong binge drinking to an extended overnight stay at Plainfield Correctional Facility, so I felt every right to think differently. School had been such an intense atmosphere that I had to quit … Continue reading American Document Solutions

Unheard Voices

BY SHAQUILLA HARRIGAN The seemingly silent restructuring of the BSC. Over the last several years, the College has made several major decisions without consulting the same undergraduate community that the decision impacts. Need I remind anyone about the Stillman Infirmary closing debacle? One would think that after so much student blowback and activism on campus, the College and other Harvard officials wouldn’t continue making major decisions from within their brick offices that are apparently sound-proofed to ignore student voices. One would think that the College would do more than send an email to all undergraduates stating that the Bureau of … Continue reading Unheard Voices